Purple Flag

Ennis – The First Irish Town accredited with The Purple Flag

In 2012, Ennis town, together with Dublin Creative Quarter and Dame Street District was the first town and city location that took on the challenge of the prestigious Purple Flag Accreditation.

Gold Standard for Night Time Destination

Purple Flag centres are vibrant and well-managed between 5pm and 5am, the accreditation requires towns to prove themselves in 30 criteria relevant to evening and night-time management. Town centres that achieve Purple Flag are built on partnership who are working to continue improving the standard and broaden the appeal of the town centre in the evenings and at night time.

Purple Flag Accreditation

In 2015, Ennis retained the Evening Excellence Award Purple Flag accreditation and nationally the milestone of only 1 of 10 Purple Flag destinations in Ireland.

The Appeal of the Town Centre

Key Parties involved in Purple Flag in Ennis include Clare County Council, Ennis Gardaí, Ennis Chamber and Evening and Night-time operators of the town centre.

Ennis has been particularly commended by Purple Flag Assessors for its:

Excellent food offer throughout the town that the town centre business take pride in.

Outstanding political commitment making the difference between a good town and an excellent town.

Proactive encouragement of the underage disco and the committed partnership between premises management and Gardaí.

Continue To Fly the Flag

Purple Flag is an international accreditation scheme for town and city centres in the evening and at night. It is the “gold standard” for night time destinations. Like Blue Flag for beaches, places that meet the standards can fly the flag.

Over 65 town and city centres have been awarded Purple Flags since the scheme was launched by ATCM in October 2009. There are now 18 Irish Purple Flag towns and cities. Purple Flag is run by the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM). For further information on Purple Flag please visit: www.purpleflagireland.org or www.atcm.org

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